Cadaveric Labs Confirmed: SAVE THESE DATES

Taking place immediately before NSpine 2022 at the innovative IRCAD Institute, Strasbourg, France (May 27th – 29th 2022).

Anterior Lumbar Access (ALIF / OLIF) and Complications Management

Expert Anterior Spine Access Complications Management

Lateral (XLIF / X-ALIF) Reconstruction and Complications Management

Posterior Thoracic- Pelvis Instrumentation and Reconstruction

Advanced Anterior Scoliosis Techniques and Complications Management

Save these dates, you will not want to miss out! May 27th – 29th 2022.

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Combining cadaveric and live tissue training is an advanced and highly effective means of teaching not only advanced approaches to the spine and implant handling but also the management of complications which may occur. Especially with regard to anterior and lateral lumbar and thoracic techniques, the approaches are complex and the potential for complications significant.

NSpine is therefore proud to be hosting the unique combined cadaveric and live tissue training lab at the famous IRCAD center. A number of workshops are available to be combined to uniquely meet the individual delegates training need. An international faculty panel of highest repute will deliver comprehensive training with a 1:2 faculty – delegate ratio.

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