1st NSpine Advanced Cervical Surgical Techniques Course
University of Stellenbosch, Biomedical Research Institute, Cape Town, South Africa

We are delighted to invite you to join us in Cape Town at the state of the art Sunskill Laboratory housed in the Biomedical Research Institute of Stellenbosch University for the first intermediate and advanced level cadaveric training course on cervical approaches and reconstructive techniques 21-22 February 2024. Our International and local faculty are selected for their recognised expertise and teaching ability, including several of the most renowned minimally invasive and reconstructive cervical spinesurgeons.

Two delegates will be allocated per workstation with rotating faculty to optimise training exposure.

Our delegates are typically experienced surgeons from across the globe who seek out NSpine training events – and especially the faculty – to hone their skills and acquire new cutting edge techniques. This workshop in particular is addressed at surgeons with an interest in cervical spine surgery but as yet limited experience.

Faculty will scale the workshop complexity according to delegate experience to allow individual training needs to be met.


Day one consists of posterior exposures and techniques.

Day two focusses on anterior exposures and techniques.

Delegates may register for one day or both days. See next pages for content.

Delegates may additionally attend the Cape Town International Spine Symposium which will be comprehensively focussing on the cervical spine 23-24 February at no additional charge. http://www.spinesurgery.co.za/ctiss2024/

This training event is designed with the working surgeon in mind to provide the necessary forum to work through techniques under expert guidance and return home with an enhanced or new set of skills.

Sunskill Laboratory

The state of the art Sunskill laboratory of Tygerberg medical campus opened in 2016 following a multi-million investment initiative in health care training.

Sunskill features eight fully customisable, purpose-designed operating stations and is comprehensively equipped with surgical instrumentation, power drills, endoscopes, suction devices and electro-cautery to simulate a functional operative theatre. The facility also offers four high definition surgical microscopes and image guided navigation complemented by two C-arm fluoroscopes and a sophisticated ‘O-Arm’, making the facility unrivalled on the continent.

Mounts, braces and cushioning provide the ability to replicate the surgical set-up necessary to deliver world-class surgical care. Augmented reality training is increasingly included in surgical planning and training.

Extensive lecture theatres and break-out rooms are situated at the venue along with exhibition space for networking.

NSpine is building a series of comprehensive spine surgery courses at Sunskill, building on the extensive experience in running complex multidisciplinary spine surgery courses in Europe.

Course Format

  • Whole day dissection and reconstruction workshop across different workstations
  • Hands-on workshops consists of combinations of cadaveric and, where applicable, model based training Theory sessions and case examples supplement the hands-on sessions
  • Training sessions are augmented by virtual reality case discussions on advanced techniques
  • Maximum delegate number per workstation is 2 with faculty rotating


At NSpine, we take pride in bringing together a distinguished group of experts in the field of cervical spine surgery to lead our Advanced Cervical Surgical Techniques Course.

Our faculty members are renowned for their exceptional skills, vast experience, and commitment to advancing spinal surgery.

Please note that as clinicians with patient responsibility, faculty and faculty allocations are potentially subject to change.


Vincent Hagel

Bronek Boszczyk

Michael Ruf

Alexander Van Der Horst
Namibia (TBC)

Jake Timothy
United Kingdom

Adriaan Vlok
South Africa

Johannes Davis
South Africa

Ciaran Bolger


Our faculty members not only possess extensive knowledge but also have a genuine commitment to sharing their expertise with course participants. They are dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training. By learning from the best in the field, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to excel in advanced cervical surgical techniques.

Please note the Faculty is subject to change.

Day 1: Posterior Cervical Course

8 Hours Total

8 Delegates

Please note the Course Content is subject to change.

Workshop Content

  • posterior exposure occiput to thoracic spine
  • endoscopic and microsurgical techniques including foraminotomy, decompression and laminoplasty
  • Instrumentation techniques including lateral mass and pedicle screw placement
  • advanced C 1/C 2 and occipitocervical instrumentation techniques
  • dural repair techniques
  • optional content includes intradural exposure and spinal cord dissection /
    osteotomy techniques / vertebral artery exposure / posterior rib and iliac crest harvesting – these are available upon prior discussion with faculty

Lecture Content

  • posterior endoscopic surgery of the cervical spine
  • technical decision making in decompressive cervical spine surgery subaxial instrumentation
  • techniques and pearls
  • C 1/C 2 instrumentation techniques and indications
  • complications management including vertebral artery injury and dural tears

Day 2: Anterior Cervical Course

8 Hours Total

8 Delegates

Please note the Course Content is subject to change.

Workshop Content

  • anterior exposure axis to cervicothoracic junction ( optional mandibular split and transoral exposure, optional sternotomy)
  • Includes endoscopic and microsurgical techniques Discectomy and fusion or disc replacement
  • Vertebrecomy
  • Reconstructive techniques including plating and vertebral body replacement
  • Dural repair
  • Advanced odontoid and C 1/C 2 instrumentation techniques Lateral vertebral artery exposure

Lecture Content

  • anterior exposure techniques of the cervical spine
  • technical pearls in ACDF and TDR
  • reconstructive techniques in anterior spine surgery
  • advanced odontoid and atlantoaxial instrumentation
  • vertebral artery dissection and handling
  • dural repair techniques

Travel and Accommodation

Cape Town, South Africa, is not only renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty but also its rich cultural diversity. When attending the NSpine Advanced Cervical Surgical Techniques Course, your experience extends beyond the classroom. To ensure your visit is both productive and enjoyable, you can find travel information here.


Accommodation Options

To make your stay even more comfortable, we’ve secured discounted accommodation options for NSpine course attendees. You can choose from the following hotels:

Bridgewater Hotel:
Located in the heart of Cape Town, Bridgewater Hotel offers a luxurious stay with easy access to the city’s attractions. To book please click here and use the discount code “NSpine” to receive a preferential rate when booking.

Urban Square Hotel:
For those seeking modern comforts in a vibrant urban setting, Urban Square Hotel in Century City is an excellent choice. To book please click here and use the discount code “NSpine” to receive a preferential rate when booking.


Sunskill Lab Location

The NSpine Advanced Cervical Surgical Techniques Course will take place at ou-r state-of-the-art Sunskill Lab. You can find us at the following location:

Sunskill Lab Address:
Francie van Zijl Avenue, Tygerberg, 7505

Your experience in Cape Town promises to be a blend of exceptional learning and unforgetta- ble moments. By following the safety guidelines and taking advantage of our discounted accommodation options, you can make the most of your stay while attending the NSpine Advanced Cervical Surgical Techniques Course.

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Cancellation policy & refunds

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