Medability is the technology leader in MISS VR/AR solutions

Medability is a German company, which develops and produces high-end surgical simulators that enable medical surgical training in a safe environment. So that actual surgeries can be performed on real patients with confidence.

Medability Simbone

“Beyond cadaver”

SimBone is the latest solution to perform minimally invasive surgical training.

This high-end hybrid simulator combines highly realistic simulated medical imaging with lifelike synthetic anatomy models.

Software features

Medability’s software is the best in the class for simulating medical imaging. Easy to use, it can also be tailored to your needs.

Custom-Fit Integration

“We make it possible for you.”

Medical devices – Implants and Instruments

Create your own case and training tool. We integrate to the SimBone Simulator your implants, instruments and robotics and many more.

Your chance to integrate your:

  • Pedicle screw systems
  • Cages and VBR
  • Kypho- and Vertobroplasty-Systems
  • Probes for Ablation technologies
  • needles for injections
  • Robotics
Medability at NSpine 2021

Anatomy Models

Synthetic anatomy models and Pathologies are made from real patients.

Create your training case by using pathologies obtained from real patients. This allows you to standardize your training and to make it more effective.

We can offer a wide variety of pathologies including odontoid fracture, thoracolumbar burst fractures, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and others.

Choose your spine region and desired surgical approach:

Cervical spine
Thoracic spine
Thoracolumbar junction
Lumbar spine
Lumbopelvic Junction


Integration of specific implants and instruments is possible! Contact us for further details via email to

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